More to Kill

Well not too much new has gone on.  I’ve recently started playing around with the Bluetooth capabilities, but don’t have anything useful to say thus far.

But don’t worry I have something that might be interesting.  Though not entirely new it will combine some commands that have been previously mentioned, and make life easier.

Remember back when I first talked about kill, I said that you only had to type ps ux | less then kill <process number>. Well the only “problem” with this approach is that you have to search through the list of process to find the one that you want.  So here is a cool little trick that might help, if you know part of the process name, that uses grep.

ps ux | grep "audacity"

This will only output all the process whos “name” contains audacity.  This is pretty useful, especially if you are lazy and not in the mood to read through the rest of the rubbish.  You will still have to use kill but all the real work has been removed.


One Response to More to Kill

  1. […] with them right away.  The advantage of doing this over using the ps ux trick mentioned in this post, is that you don’t have to do the searching yourself.  And run the risk of missing a […]

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