Space Usage

Not too much is new in Linux world.  Still mostly working on SPOJ problems and browsing the internet.  So nothing all that exciting yet.

However, I did manage to learn how to use the mount command.  The general format is

mount [source] [destination]

Here is an example:  mount /dev/sda1 /media/disk The colors are so that you can easily follow which is the destination and which is the source.  I probably should mention at this time that I am running Ubuntu from an external HD (otherwise I run Vista) so if I ever want to access any of the files on my internal HD I must first mount it.

Well that wasn’t too hard.  Though if you don’t want to bother with this Ubuntu does have a graphical way to do this.  Just go to Places and the drive you want to mount should be in the drop down list.  Personally I never knew the source of my internal HD until I ran df -h.  This displaces the space used by each available disk (internal, external, etc.).  The -h flag tells the system to display the information in amounts humans can more easily understand (kB, MB, GB, and so on).


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