No Upgrade For Me

Well I have finally moved into my place and have discovered 2 things.

1: My desktop is dead…well at least to a point where a Linux Live CD won’t help.

2: My Data Structures & Algorithms class will be using Java 1.5

Well #2 is more of a annoyance than a real problem (I use Java 1.6).  As for #1 I was planning to use my desktop to try and update Ubuntu.  It used to run 8.10 before it died (I’m sure it’s just some simple hardware problem).  Well at least most of my stuff from there is backed up elsewhere.  Guess it pays off to be paranoid.  Besides it is probably a good idea to do that before even attempting to upgrade you system, no matter how fool proof the process is said to be.

As things are now I will either buy another desktop around January 1, 2010 or a new laptop around that same time.  Either way, I will be putting Ubuntu on it, hopefully a 32 bit version.  The only real pain I for see is getting the wireless card to work, but other than that everything I need to change I have previously documented the process for; either on this blog or another location.

Guess in my next post I’ll talk about one of my biggest peeves of working with a functional Ubuntu installation.  The default terminal size.


3 Responses to No Upgrade For Me

  1. Miorel says:

    Why is Java 1.5 a problem? I doubt you’ll be using any 1.6-only features anyway.

    • putnam120 says:

      I was talking to Jessi and she said that it only caused some naming problems in code that they provide you with. Since in Java 1.6 a class that they created might have the name of something else in the API.

  2. Miorel says:

    Really? For data structures, the java.util package is probably the most important, and I hope nobody thought to create a class in that!

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